• Always Organic.

    We make eating organic easy!
    We have partnered with NZ organic growers to offer you produce as if you had grown it yourself at home! Delivered to your door step.

  • Fresh As Can Be.

    Our growers harvest their fruits and vegetables, it gets shipped to us, then we deliver to you!
    No more produce that has been sitting on the shelves for weeks.

  • Always In Season.

    Our produce has NOT been stored in chillers for months.
    We only buy in season fruits and vegetables from NZ growers.
    NEVER imported from overseas.

  • Earth Conscious.

    We offer you the abundance of our Mama Nature, she has given us ALL.
    It would be stupid not to give her something back.

  • Affordable.

    We are dedicated to making an organic lifestyle affordable!
    We source directly from the grower and ship it straight to you!
    Receive 20% OFF every 5th order!

  • 15% Margin Guarantee.

    When we say we are committed to making organics affordable we mean it! We will operate on no more than a 15% net margin.
    You keep the savings!

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1% For NZ

Eden's Box will dedicate 1% of total revenue generated to New Zealand conservation efforts.

The first round of funding ending March 31st 2025, will be donated to aid organic NZ farmers looking to move to a regenerative, organic, agriculture, approach. More information to follow…